Dear Parents and Guardians:


Slippery Rock Area School District is using chromebooks this school year as part of our District-wide 1:1 initiative.  To help keep your child safer and more scholarly online, we have adopted online services provided by GoGuardian.

It may be helpful to know that over 10,000 other schools use GoGuardian to protect 5.5 million students across the world, and the Global Educator Institute has endorsed the GoGuardian Teacher product.


How are we using GoGuardian?

We have chosen GoGuardian Admin and GoGuardian Teacher services to:

  • Help protect students against harmful and inappropriate online material
  • Help students stay “scholarly” and more focused when learning online
  • Helping assess students’ progress towards class assignments 
  • Facilitating communication between teachers and students during class time 

When and how does GoGuardian operate?



GoGuardian’s web-based services filtering operate on our school’s managed Google Suite for Education Chrome accounts when a student is logged into a School issued chromebook with a Slippery Rock Google account.  This filtering takes place when a student is connected to the School network or any other internet connection.  Meaning, students have the same level of protection at home as they do during class.



GoGuardian Teacher allows Faculty members to access School issued chromebooks to direct classroom instruction during the School day.  This includes the ability to view student screens to make sure they are on track, push out teacher screens and information as well as provide additional support to students using web and conference calling components.  This access is limited to the hours of 6:30am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday.


What are the school’s responsibilities?

Slippery Rock Area School District selected GoGuardian services to help our students stay safer and more scholarly online. We will work with students during class time to help teach them digital responsibility and safety. Additionally, we will train teachers about how to operate GoGuardian and about our policies and procedures to help protect student privacy.


What are my parental/guardian and child’s responsibilities?

We ask that students uses their school-managed Google accounts and school-managed devices  for educational purposes within the boundaries of Slippery Rock School Districts Acceptable Use Policy and Digital Devices Policy 

When a student is off campus, parents are responsible for supervising internet access and usage. We encourage you to discuss rules for appropriate internet usage with your child, and reinforce lessons of digital citizenship and safety with him or her.  We also highly encourage you to report any potential cyberbullying or other sensitive issues to us.



How does GoGuardian help protect my child’s privacy?

To help your child remain scholarly and safe online, GoGuardian collects certain personally identifiable information about your child.  GoGuardian has consulted with privacy experts, participates in privacy organizations, is a proud signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge, and has been awarded certifications by iKeepSafe for complying with both Family Education Rights and Privacy Act and California student privacy laws.  For more detailed information about GoGuardian, you may visit GoGuardian’s websiteTrust & Privacy Center, GoGuardian’s Product Privacy Policy.


We are here to answer any questions that you may have.  




Slippery Rock Area School District Administration

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