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The Slippery Rock Area School District encompasses a rural area approximately 50 miles north of Pittsburgh in northwestern Butler County.  The close proximity to numerous recreational areas and educational institutions in and around the Pittsburgh metro area provide residents a "best of two worlds" to live, work and raise their families. The total area of the district is 140 square miles and is the home to approximately 20,000 residents.  The population of Slippery Rock Area School District is located throughout the boroughs and townships of Slippery Rock, Harrisville, West Liberty, Brady, Worth, Portersville, Prospect, Muddy Creek, Mercer and Franklin.  Slippery Rock University, Moraine State Park, Jennings Nature Reserve and the historical Old Stone House are all located within the district.  The District serves approximately 1,940 students in two elementary schools, a middle school and a high school.  Busing is provided for all students within the district.  The largest employer in the District is Slippery Rock University.  


The 2017-2018 budget was $32,158,452.00.  A resident with a home having a market value of $100,000.00 would contribute $1,450 in school real estate taxes per year.   A mill accounts for a net of $138,000.00.   Within the past five years, a high school renovation of the auditorium and a new football stadium have been completed.   The School District has made a strong commitment to improving technology with upgrades to labs, teacher computers, and network access. Parents can access grades and attendance online, and numerous web and server based programs benefit the District's daily operations. 


The Slippery Rock Area School District operates with two elementary schools, Moraine Elementary and Slippery Rock Area Elementary.  The schools serve students from Kindergarten to fifth grade.  All students attend a full-day program, and teachers deliver a progressive instructional program in mostly self-contained classrooms.  All grades participate in special subjects which include art, music, physical education, computer, and library.   The elementary schools are committed to meeting the needs of students with disabilities and helping them reach their potential.   SRASD offers a continuum of services and placement options which include learning support, emotional support, autism support, speech and language, and occupational therapy.  SRASD is also committed to meeting the needs of our gifted students by ensuring that they are served through an organized program designed to enrich and challenge. 


Both elementary schools use evolving technology as a tool to enhance learning opportunities in an increasingly complex and informational-rich society. The technology supports student-centered learning and it fosters community-wide access to global informational resources.


In collaboration with our outstanding PTO and PTCC parent groups, we have built a strong coalition comprised of community, parent/guardian, and staff support to ensure that every student receives a quality educational foundation which will prepare them for the future.


Slippery Rock Middle School is a collaborative environment that focuses on learning for students in grades six through eight grade.  Serving approximately 465 students, the middle school focuses on quality teaching and authentic learning.  The middle school is a collaborative educational community that encourages a safe, engaging, supportive, healthy, and challenging learning environment.  The curriculum is designed to provide academic, social, and life skills that translate to the real world.  Through a collective effort, our students are well-prepared with the skills necessary to be successful in our school district and beyond.


Slippery Rock High School serves students in grades nine through twelve and offers formal programs that meet the needs of students with academic and vocational-technical interests.  Eleven Advanced Placement (AP) classes along with multiple Dual Enrollment opportunities are offered to high school students.  Typically, over fifty percent of high school graduates pursue post-secondary education, the remaining graduates will either attend a two-year college, attend a Vocational/Technical school, enlist in the military or enter the workforce. Slippery Rock High School is committed to implementing college and career readiness opportunities for all students, as evidenced by the following: all students take the 8/9 PSAT; all students take the PSAT 10; all students take the ASVAB; all students take a field trip to the Butler County Area Vocational Technical School; all students participate in a College and Career Fair. The District also employs a full time Transition Coordinator


The High School was honored as a recipient of the National Blue Ribbon Award in 2015 for being an Exemplary Achievement Gap Closing School.   An important part of the U.S. Department of Education, the National Blue Ribbon Schools Program recognizes outstanding public and non-public schools. In identifying several hundred outstanding schools annually, the program celebrates school excellence, turn around stories, and closing subgroup achievement gaps. Slippery Rock High School represented best practices in closing the achievement gap.


In 2017, Slippery Rock High School was the recipient of the following two Awards:

  •             2017 Advanced Placement District Honor Roll – as reported by CollegeBoard.org
  •             2017 Americas Best High Schools – as reported by U.S. News and World Report

The Slippery Rock Area School District's curriculum provides students with an integrated and comprehensive course of study, along with opportunities for exploratory learning.  Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) continue to be an emphasis in the District’s pursuit of a maker space environment.  The District operates instructional programs at various levels to meet individual needs including Advanced Placement courses, gifted and special needs individualized instruction along with learning support classes.  Students with highly specialized needs receive service through the Intermediate Unit or at an approved private school.  The instruction is provided by highly qualified teaching staff who are skilled at engaging students and providing a rich educational experience. 


College and career readiness has been a focus point within the Slippery Rock Area School District with an emphasis on students knowing more than just content, but demonstrating that they know how to learn and build upon that content to solve problems. In order for students to be successful, they must develop versatile communication skills, work collaboratively, and work competitively in a school or work environment to better ensure a successful transition to life beyond high school. 


Networking is an important way of improving school and community contacts and a way of providing personal relationships.  The Slippery Rock Area School District engages in collaboration with Slippery Rock University, neighboring school districts, local preschools, Slippery Rock Parks and Recreation, Prospect Boys and Girls Club and local libraries.

The District is one of 27 public school districts that comprise the Midwestern Intermediate Unit (IU #4).  There is a strong relationship among the member districts, with Superintendents, Curriculum Coordinators, Principals and other administrative personnel.  The various districts meet monthly with their counterparts to collaborate, share best practices, and problem solve.


The Slippery Rock Area School District, situated in rural Western PA and encompassing a small college town, continues to grow in accomplishments and achievements in our pursuit of cultivating knowledge and encouraging independence.