Moraine Elementary

Dear Moraine Family,


Welcome to Moraine Elementary School!  Moraine is home to Kindergarten through fifth grade students and provides a rigorous academic environment encompassed within a nurturing and encouraging school community.  Recognized as a Title I Distinguished Elementary School and a school with a Distinguished School Performance Profile, we provide our students a positive, enriching learning experience that fosters intellectual, social, and emotional/behavioral growth.  Our success is credited to outstanding students, effective instruction, and strong community partnerships.  


In collaboration with our PTO, we have built a strong coalition of community, parent/guardian, and staff support to ensure that every student receives a quality educational foundation which will prepare them for the future.  In addition, we use evolving technology as a tool to enhance learning opportunities in an increasingly complex and informational rich society. The technology supports student-centered learning, it garners parental involvement, and it fosters community-wide access to global informational resources.


As we continue to encourage independence and promote student achievement, we will also prepare our students to meet the challenges of the ever changing world.  I look forward to the upcoming school year as we begin a wonderful new journey of learning with your child.





Dr. Kristie L. Shulsky





Moraine Elementary 

350 Main Street

Prospect, PA 16052

Phone:  724-865-2010

Fax:  724-865-0023