Slippery Rock Area Elementary School


                                                                                                                             August 6, 2020

Dear Area Elementary Community,


We have been extremely busy this summer getting ready to safely welcome your children back into the building. I thought I would share our preparations with you as you consider educational options for your child this year.


Our teachers are working hard to create social distancing in the classroom as they organize and prepare their classrooms. Student desks will be placed 3 – 6 feet apart. Kindergarten and first grade students will have their own desk rather than being seated at tables. Every effort is being made to ensure that students have their own materials in the classroom. We will not be sharing crayons, scissors, glue sticks, calculators, etc. Students will have their own materials and manipulatives in their desk.


The building will also be equipped with bottle-filling stations to replace water fountains and many hand sanitizing stations to maximize and encourage cleanliness in the building.


We have purchased extra tables to expand seating capacity in the cafeteria. The small stage area in the cafeteria will be used to provide additional seating. The students will be seated on one side of the table with some space between them. There will be students seated across from this row of students – approximately six feet away. Students will be given assigned seats. All food items will be prepackaged. Students will use an ID card to purchase lunch rather than typing in a pin number on a keypad at the cash register. Lunch times will be staggered to allow time for the cleaning of tables and benches between lunches.


Staff and students will be required to wear masks. When students are seated at their desks, they may remove their mask. When students leave their desk, they must put their mask back on before moving around the classroom and building. Staff members may remove their mask when they are socially distancing in the classroom (for example: teaching at the front of the classroom or when seated at their desk). When staff members move around the classroom or building, they will be required to wear a mask.


Students and staff will not be required to wear masks for lunch, recess, or physical education.


Art, music, computer, library, speech, gifted, and Title I services will be provided in the regular classrooms. The teachers for each of these classes will travel to your child’s classroom to deliver instruction. Physical education will be taught outdoors (weather permitting) or in the gymnasium with social distancing.


We will stagger student entrance into the building. Rather than allowing all of the buses to unload at one time, we plan to stagger the students’ release from the buses. Kindergarten and Grade One will be dismissed from the buses first. They will enter the building using the entrance by the kindergarten classrooms. Students in Grades 2 – 5 will be released in two waves using the main entrance doors in the front of the building. Dismissal will be staggered in a similar fashion.


I know how difficult it must be to determine the best way to educate your child this year. The purpose of this letter is to make you aware of what the school day will look like this year at the elementary if you choose the “Return to School” option. We are doing everything possible to ensure that your child is safe and well while at school.


You have choices for educating your child this year. We want to help you regardless of the choice you make. Your choices within the district are:


Option 1: Return to School – Face to Face instruction in the building following the guidelines in this letter.
Option 2: Live Streaming (Gr. 3 – 5 only) – Teachers “broadcast” lessons live from their classrooms. Students attend and participate from home following the same schedule as students in the classroom (9:00 a.m. – 3:18 p.m.).
Option 3: Online Odyssey – District Cyber School Program


Soon you will receive a message from Dr. Angelucci and Dr. Miller requesting that you make a decision about which of the above options is best for your child. If you have any questions about these options or need more information, please contact the office. We will gladly discuss the options with you.


I hope that you and your family enjoy the last days of summer. We, at Area, are excited about starting the new school year!




Mrs. Kristen Czubiak

Area Elementary Principal


Telephone Number:  724-794-2960

Fax Number:             724-794-5461