Curriculum and Assessment


Welcome to the Slippery Rock Area School District Curriculum page


The Slippery Rock Area School District’s vision, “Cultivating Knowledge and Encouraging Independence”, drives our goal to improve academic achievement for all students through rigorous integrated curricula. 


The essential purpose of a school system is to educate all students to high levels through quality teaching and learning. This includes recognizing characteristics unique to each student and providing a process for the development and expression of students’ innate abilities and talents.  The Slippery Rock Area School District is committed to the development of a curriculum that imparts knowledge, concepts, skills, processes, and attitudes necessary for students to be successful and competitive in a global society. All students of Slippery Rock Area School District shall have access to the district curriculum that incorporates, extends, and enhances the state curriculum standards. 


Curriculum and Instruction maintain effective partnerships that build capacity in schools and expose students to a rigorous curriculum that meets college and career readiness expectations. As a department, support is provided to teachers and schools so students achieve 21st Century competencies.




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Susan Miller, Ph.D.

Assistant Superintendent

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