Slippery Rock Area Middle School

PSSA Letter and Schedule:
Slippery Rock Middle School Families,
Please find the attached letter and below schedule for the upcoming PSSA and Keystone Assessment Exams!
Testing Schedule

7:30                 Enter Building

7:38-7:48         Homeroom (10 min)

7:48-8:00         Materials Prep.  (12 min)

8:00-10:50       Testing (170 min)

10:53-11:10     Period 1 (17 min)

10:13-11:28     Period 2 (15 min)



11:31-1:01 (8th, 7th, 6th – 30 Minutes)


1:04-1:19         Period 3 (15 min)

1:22-1:37         Period 4 (15 min)

1:40-1:55         Period 7 (15 min)

1:58-2:13         Period 8 (15 min)

2:13                 Dismissal

PSSA DAYS and Keystone Tests
(The state is requiring that we test and because of that, we will.  This data will be used to help us better understand subject areas that we need to emphasis in subsequent years).
April 26th, 27th, and 28th: ELA PSSAs
April 29th and 30th: Math PSSAs
May 3rd: Science PSSAs (8th Grade Only)
May 25th and 26th: Algebra 1 Keystone Test


Upcoming Events:    







Great Pep rally Slippery Rock!

 The middle school will be implementing new guidelines for the 202-2021 school year. We are doing this to lesson any possible exposure to germs that could be brought into the building.


LATE TO SCHOOL:          

Your child upon entering the building will need to have a doctors or parent note with them. There will be no need for you to escort your child into the building for the doctors’ note or handwritten excuse will have the required signature needed.



A note must be sent with your child the morning of the early dismissal. Upon arrival, you will park in the front of the building. (between the hours of 8-1:30. Otherwise, use the upper parking lot). You will then call the office 724-794-2960 option 2 for the middle school. You will state your name and who you are picking up. The student will then be called out of class, sign themselves out and proceed to the vehicle. People in the upper parking lot will call and walk down to the main doors where you will meet your child.



Anyone needing to drop an item off for a student can buzz in the main door. Please drop the labeled item (name and grade) on the table inside as you walk into the vestibule.  The office staff will then retrieve items from the table prior to the period ending for student pick up.


Important Items – General (please refer to the Student Handbook for an exhaustive list which will be sent home on the first day of school with the student):


- All excuses/notes must be written by parent/guardian and turned into office.

- Ten parent excused days in a school year (for any state approved reason). 

- Doctor’s excuses are counted separately. 

- You have three days to turn in an excuse before it becomes automatically unlawful. 

- After six unlawful absences, the parent/guardian and student will receive a citation to the district magistrate. (This is state law)!



- We encourage your child to get involved in sports or a club of some sort.

- Sports start officially in 7th grade in the district, so starting in this year is critical.


Distancing in school:

The middle school has made great efforts to minimize student exposure through establishing new movement protocols throughout the school.  In classrooms, students should expect to see seats moved apart to the maximum amount feasible and all desks and chairs facing the same direction.  In the hallways, we have implemented traffic patterns that guide students to walking on the right side of the hall and stairwells established for one direction of flow.  Our lunch seating is arranged with social distancing in mind where students are spaced out and rows are one-way oriented.  There is one-way into and out of the café as well.  We will be making use of the café, stage, and LGI to eat.  We encourage students to bring work or a book during lunch as being so spread out is going to limit their opportunities to interact with fellow classmates.  The advisory period has been re-worked so that there are now three lunches, one for each grade.  There are also individual band, chorus, and intramural periods.  Thus, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade will be isolated as a grade-level band in all of these situations.  This, again, allows for great opportunities to spread out during these times.


Distance or Cyber Students:

Please contact the main office and your guidance counselor for more details.  They can be reached via the following routes:

6th and 7th Grade – Ms. Manion – 724-794-2960 X3303

8th – Ms. Isles – 724-794-2960 X3305

We are preparing materials for you and personally contacting you when we have information that is pertinent to your form of learning!

Schedule of Core Classes:

6th Grade: 7:43am - 11:00am, 7th Grade: 7:43am-9:20am and 12:36pm-2:13pm, 8th: 9:23am-11:00am and 12:36pm-2:13pm.



- Drop off before school takes place in the back of the school and kids will enter the café. This takes place from (7:00am – 7:34am) – Students should be in Homeroom by 7:38 or they are late.

- Pick up after school in the back (2:13pm – 2:20pm). Send note in the morning with child.

- Any other time, report to front of school.

- Cannot park in-front of school before 7:45am or after 1:30pm due to bussing.

- If you are dropping off or picking up your child during the day, please come in through the main entrance, sign the child in or out, and then wait in the lobby.

- If you are dropping off item(s) for you child (lunch, instrument, etc…), please place on the table in the lobby with the students name and grade attached.  Please alert the school staff in the main office of the item(s) being dropped off.  Students will be called down to retrieve the item(s).



- Students will be assigned lockers, but they will not be available between class periods.  Students will be allowed to access lockers before school, during advisory/lunch, and after school.  Students will be allowed to access lockers throughout the school day with teacher permission on an as needed basis.  Students are permitted to carry their backpacks with them throughout the day and exchange supplies and books during the previously scheduled times.

- Locks are available in the main office. (724-794-2960 X3301 or X3302)

- All locks must be school issued.


Masks/Face Coverings:

- According to Governor Wolf’s and the State of Pennsylvania Department of Health requirements, all students and staff will be required to wear a mask at all times.  Slippery Rock Area School District must follow this requirement.  If Governor Wolf’s and the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s requirements change, we will readdress accordingly.  That being said, a mask or face shield must be worn at all times, from the bus ride here to the bus ride home.  The state has given permission to allow for mask breaks throughout the day and students do not have to wear masks while eating.  We are asking that all families please provide an appropriate and comfortable mask or shield for their child.  Any mask or shield that is decorated, must adhere to Slippery Rock standards and be appropriate in nature.  If a shield or mask is not provided, the school does have some upon request, but they are generic and may not be the most comfortable.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding face masks and coverings, please feel free to contact the Pennsylvania Department of Education or visit their website on the topic at:




- Any medications must be brought to school by the parent between 7:30am and 3:00pm


Parent Involvement:

- The P.T.O. is an extremely important aspect of our school. We strongly encourage you to sign up!

- Check out their Facebook Page at:


Picture Day:

- August 28th – Make it count! (Live Stream and Odyssey students are welcome to come)

Online Info:

School Name: Slippery Rock Area Middle School
Picture Day Date: Friday, August 28
Picture Day ID: EVT369VBP



- Schedules were mailed out; if you did not receive one, please contact the main office.

- If you do not get one before school, do not worry!  We will make sure your child gets one on the first day of school.



- Any busing and transportation questions should be handled through Beth Drake in the transportation office. Her office number is - 724-794-2960 X1006


ààIf you have any questions or concern, please call the main office. We are here to help! ßß


I would like to take a moment to welcome you to Slippery Rock Area Middle
School. We are eager to serve the students, families, and communities that
lie within the boundaries of this district by offering excellent services,
great curriculum, and some of the best educators in the country. We strive
to create a safe and supportive environment that fosters high character and
strong morals in our 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. We believe that every
student that enters through our doors has the distinct ability and
opportunity to thrive in school and in life.

Our top priority is to prepare our students to meet the challenges of the
21st Century. By encouraging independence, developing community minded
citizens, and promoting student achievement, the Slippery Rock Area Middle
School seeks to auspiciously place our students in positions of success in
their future endeavors. We ask that you courageously partner with us in
attaining our school mission of "cultivating knowledge and encouraging

I am excited that you chose Slippery Rock Area School District for your
child to learn. I am proud to be part of such a great district and am eager
to assist you in any way possible. Please know that I am only a phone call,
email, or short visit away if I can ever be of any assistance. I am
confident, through working together, your child and our students can

Respectfully Yours,

Jake Jefferis, Ph.D.
Middle School Principal
Slippery Rock Area SD