District Administration Office

724-794-2960 phone
Special 724-794-2001 fax

Dr. Alfonso Angelucci – extension 1001
[email protected]

Assistant Superintendent
Dr. Susan Miller – extension 1001
[email protected] 
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendents
Mrs. Denise Houpt – extension 1001
[email protected]

Business Manager / Board Secretary
Mr. Paul Cessar – extension 1003
[email protected]

Secretary to the Business Manager
Mrs. Amber Durban – extension 1008
[email protected]

Assistant Business Manager
Mrs. Diane Snyder – extension 1007
[email protected]

Interim Director of Special Education/Coordinator of Special Services
Mr. Dean Hoffman – extension 1011
School Psychologist
Mr. Abram Doty – extension 1012
[email protected]

Secretary to Special Services
Ms. Kaylin Hudson  – extension 1011
Transportation Manager
Mr. Randy Giesler – extension 1006
[email protected]

Ms. Missy Gentile – extension 1010
Accounts Payable
Ms. Christina Leeson – extension 1005
Payroll Coordinator
Mrs. Maribeth McCarl – extension 1004
[email protected]

Benefits Coordinator
Mrs. Leslie Mahood – extension 1014
[email protected]