General Rules and Guidelines



General Rules / Guidelines:



Treat this equipment as if it is your own.

Bring a fully charged Chromebook to school every day.


Students are responsible for the Chromebook at all times. The Chromebooks are not to be left unattended. Chromebooks must be carried in the school cases at all times.


Students are not authorized to use other student’s Chromebooks.


Do not let anyone else use your assigned Chromebook.


Do not attempt to remove or change the physical structure of the Chromebook, including keys, screen cover, or plastic casing.


Do not put objects on top of the Chromebook as they can damage the screen.


Avoid leaving the Chromebook in extreme hot or cold environments.


Students may not use the Chromebooks on buses.


If a student is unable to carry and supervise their Chromebook, it is to be locked in the student’s assigned locker. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the office if their school locker is not working properly.


Chromebooks are not to be stored in lockers overnight. All Chromebooks are
to be transported to the student's residence on a nightly basis (and over the


The Chromebook must stay in the carrying case. at all times.


Students must keep their password confidential.


Students are responsible for backing-up school documents. Never consider
any electronic information safe when it is stored on only one device.


Headphones may be used in class with the teacher’s permission.


Obscene language and/or inappropriate materials, including screensavers,
backdrops, pictures, or any displayed material is strictly prohibited.


Illegal use or transfer of copyrighted material is prohibited.


Stickers or other decorations are not allowed.


School identification must remain on all devices and items.


Food and drink should not be used near devices at any time.


Use the Chromebook on a flat stable surface.


Close and open the Chromebook gently; pull and push from the top, center.


Students are to report any technical issues affecting the performance of the
Chromebook to the school immediately.


Students must adhere to all SRASD guidelines and current SRASD
Acceptable Use Policies.


Read and follow general maintenance alerts from the school technology


All items that need to be addressed or repaired will be taken to the appropriate
personnel at the given school.


Always completely close the Chromebook before moving it for even a short
distance. Movement while Chromebook is on can damage the physical device
both internally and externally.



Enter school each day with a fully charged Chromebook


Align the power cord carefully when connecting it to or removing it from the


If the battery is not charging, do NOT wiggle the power cord. To
troubleshoot, remove the power cord and carefully reconnect the power cord.


Be aware of the location of the charger and power cords when charging a
Chromebook. Do not run power cords across an area where people are likely to


Close the lid of the Chromebook when it is not in use, in order to save battery
life and protect the screen.



Students may take their Chromebook to the appropriate school personnel for
cleaning screens and track pads.


Use only cleaning solutions approved and appropriately applied by the
manufacturer’s recommendation for cleaning purposes.

Legal and Ethical Use Guidelines:

Slippery Rock Area School District’s Acceptable Use Policy, along with all
school, state, and national rules and laws, govern the use of the Chromebooks by
students. SRASD will provide content filtering software to ensure student safety
to the best of our ability. This software will also allow for personal protection as
well. SRASD does not, however, have full control of the information on the
internet and cannot govern certain aspects of potential threats that a student may
face. Internet and email traffic can be logged, but it is imperative that guardians
play an active role in monitoring online information.
Any and all file sharing including files or files that assist in this practice are
prohibited. Programs that allow for file sharing may not be used and illegal
sharing of copyrighted material will be prosecuted accordingly.
Any illegal or unethical behavior can and, where appropriate, will be referred
to the police for prosecution.
Students may customize their computers in areas such as; font, wallpapers,
and system items. These customizations must follow all SRASD rules and
regulations. No customization should be done to the physical computer or case.
Cost and Fees Guidelines:
The Slippery Rock Area School District has a mandatory insurance cost of
16.00 USD for each Chromebook that will cover general breakdown issues. This
covers physically working parts, but does not include software issues such as
       o All students in Kindergarten through Second Grade will be assigned a
         Chromebook. However, these students will not be required to take the
         Chromebook home and therefore, will NOT need to purchase insurance.
       o Students in Grades Three through Twelve will be allowed to bring the
          Chromebooks home only if these students purchase the mandatory
       o If students in Grades Three through Twelve choose not to purchase
          insurance, they will still have access to the Chromebooks during the
          School day but will not be allowed to bring them home.
If a family cannot afford the insurance payment, please contact the school
office for a discussion on possible options.
Accidental Damage
Cracked Screens
Liquid Damage
Electrical Surge
Computer Peripherals
Damage to loaner/replacement device
*Claim requires a police report to be filed
Any dishonest, fraudulent, malicious or criminals acts
Any use not in accordance with District Acceptable Use Policies
Additional loss caused by the failure to use all reasonable means to protect the
device after it has been damaged
Any loss to software, data, documents, music, videos, recordings or other
personal information that have been placed on the device
Disappearance of the device not reported to local law enforcement
Please visit for more information regarding coverage.