Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need One-to-One?

In an effort to challenge and engage the 21st Century student, SRASD has chosen to make an investment in the students' learning process.  The Chromebook, although technologically cutting edge, is a mere supplement for our teacher’s in their efforts to best educate each child.  This also meets the technology needs that modern curricula are requiring for proper and full implementation of all materials.


Is there training for students?

Training on the computers will be handled in the classroom.  All assignments and materials that will be expected to be completed by the students will be reviewed by the assigning teacher.  If a student does not understand that process after the teacher’s explanation, they are encouraged to meet with the teacher outside of class time for further assistance.


Will families have to purchase a case for their Chromebooks?

No.  A first case will be provided by the district.  Additional cases will have to be purchased by the student/family.


Do students have to have a Chromebook?

All students will have a Chromebook assigned to them. Students in grades Kindergarten through Second Grade will NOT need to bring their devices home; therefore, students in these grade levels will not need to pay for insurance.  Students in Third through Twelfth Grades will be allowed to bring the devices home.  However, only students who pay for insurance can take the Chromebook home with them.


Can students bring their personal computers to school instead of using Chromebooks?

No.  Currently, our Network is designed to monitor and prevent viruses, hacking, and other cybersecurity issues which does not allow for the use of personal devices. 


Will students be able to use their Chromebooks on the bus?

It is not recommended that students use their Chromebooks in a moving vehicle.


What is covered under the insurance?

Please review insurance coverage and the deductible schedule by visiting


What will students do with their Chromebooks when not in use (Gym, etc…)

Chromebooks should always be kept in a secure location when not being used.  The best place for a Chromebook is in a closed and locked locker.


 Will students have unfettered access to internet resources (email, games, websites, etc…)?

In accordance with CIPA requirements, the District utilizes a filtering solution that limits internet access at both school and home.  While at home, it is the parents/guardians responsibility to monitor usage. 


What control will parents have over their child’s Chromebook access?

Parents will be able to monitor student Chromebook activity using the GoGuardian parent app.  To install the app on your mobile device, please see the setup instructions HERE.


Can students use their own accessories with the Chromebook?

Yes.  Students can use accessories as long as they are not downloaded onto the computer.  Devices like speakers or headphones are allowable.


Can a student use their Chromebook over the summer?

No. Chromebooks will be collected at the end of the school year and redistributed at the beginning of the next year.


Will SRASD provide maintenance of Chromebooks?

General maintenance will be provided in the summer.  During the year, maintenance will be provided when necessary.


What will students do in class while their Chromebook is being repaired?

We will have a limited supply of extra Chromebooks for use if a student’s Chromebook is being repaired.


Are families expected to have a printer at home?



Will the school be responsible for backing up files in the case of a loss of data?

All Chromebook data should be saved directly to Google Drive.


What will the SRASD provide to curb inappropriate behavior on Chromebooks?

According to the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), all school districts are required to utilize filtering solutions and provide instruction regarding appropriate technology use.  


Who will provide virus protection for the Chromebooks?

No antivirus software is needed.  Chromebooks come with built-in malware and virus protection.


Will students be capable of accessing the internet on their Chromebooks at home?

If the student has internet access at home, the Chromebook is able to connect remotely.  The District intentionally chose Google Classroom as our platform to address accessibility issues.  Files posted within Google Classroom are available when internet access is not available.


Will the SRASD come to my home to connect me to the internet or service my computer?