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One to One Initiative





Beginning in the 2021-2022 school year, students in the Slippery Rock Area School District will be assigned a Google Chromebook as part of our One to One Initiative.  This overview provides a summary of “What to Expect” this fall.


Which students will receive a Chromebook?

All K – 12 students will be assigned a Chromebook.  However, only students in grades 3 – 12 will take the Chromebooks home with them.  In order for students to take Chromebooks home, parents MUST purchase insurance through the school provider.  K – 2 students will have access to Chromebooks during the school day but will not need to take them home.  Therefore, K – 2 students do not need to purchase insurance.


When will Chromebooks be distributed?

Chromebooks will be distributed to students on the first day of school if the online paperwork and insurance purchase is completed prior to August 20, 2021.


What will be distributed?

Each student will receive a Google Chromebook, a charging cord, and a customized cover to protect the Chromebook. 


What are the parents’ responsibilities?

Parents will be required to sign the Acceptable Use Notice and Insurance forms found HERE.


What are the students’ responsibilities?

Students will be responsible for the care of the Chromebook just like a textbook.  The student will need to charge the Chromebook every night.  Chromebooks can hold an 8-hour charge.  Students will be required to report any damage, loss, or problems to the school.


What technical support will be provided?

Technicians will be available during the school day for repairs.  In addition, loaner computers are available to sign out for use if needed.


Can parents monitor their student(s)?

Yes.  The District purchased specific software in order for parents to be able to access and monitor student use. In addition, the District has a firewall in place that is CIPA compliant.