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We are excited to have the opportunity to provide every single Slippery Rock Area School District student a Chromebook for use in their educational journey with the District.  It is a great privilege to offer this opportunity to all of our students and requires great responsibility on behalf of each and every student. 


This page as well as the pages to the right will clarify the policies and procedures the District will use to make sure the devices are used to their full potential while providing a safe and valuable tool to our students and teachers.  The complete One to One Initiative document is available in the downloads section to the right.


The Chromebooks are property of the Slippery Rock Area School District.  Chromebooks are assigned to students grades K-12, who are enrolled on a full-time, in-person basis.  All Chromebooks must be returned to the District at the conclusion of the school year or, in the event that the student is no longer enrolled in the Slippery Rock Area School District for any reason.  The Chromebook must be returned in original working condition when given back to the school.


Chromebooks are educational tools within the District and are to be used only in that capacity and for school approved educational learning.  The Slippery Rock Area School District’s Acceptable Use of Educational Technology form, when submitted and signed, is binding no matter the physical location of Chromebooks use.  Inappropriate use or neglect of the Chromebook, case, charger, network, or software will result in the loss of use of the Chromebook, which will not change classroom or school expectations and/or assignment completion.


The Slippery Rock Area School District Acceptable Use of Educational Technology Policy #815 must be followed at all times. Students have no expectations of privacy as related to the Chromebook and can expect teachers, technical support staff, staff, and administrators to conduct spot checks of their internet history, logs, documents, and all other records of use on the Chromebooks.  Inappropriate activity or email use will result in the loss of Chromebook privileges.  If a student unintentionally commits a computer or network violation, they should immediately close or exit from the issue and report it to a staff member as soon as possible.





Rationale, Process and Timeline



In an effort to best engage, challenge, and educate the students of Slippery Rock Area School District, all students will be provided a learning tool in the form of a Chromebook.  The One-to-One Chromebook provision is an initiative that is aimed at providing each child a modern learning tool to engage the world.  Although this tool is not designed to be the educator of the child, it is designed to greatly enhance the learning opportunities that are provided to each child.  It is our sincere hope that this initiative will provide a segue to lifelong learning for all of our students.



The One-to-One Initiative was approved by the Slippery Rock Area School District Board of Directors and is implemented in all schools across the District.  Chromebooks will be available for procurement before the school year begins and will be used throughout the duration of the school year.



Chromebooks will be distributed to students on the first day of school if all paperwork and insurance is completed prior to August 20, 2021.  On the first day of school, if all required paperwork is turned in, students will receive a Chromebook, charging cord and customized cover to protect the Chromebook.