Career Development

Career Development in Elementary School
It is important to explore careers in elementary school. Often times, students only know about the careers that their parents, grandparents, or relatives have, and don't know a lot about other opportunities. Through schoolwide career development activities, students begin to explore the variety of career options. 
The Pennsylvania Department of Education has Career Education and Work Standards that support intentional career development opportunities for students in grades 3-12. At Moraine Elementary, students in grades 3-5 begin to explore the career clusters, have opportunities to ask adults about their careers, and learn more about themselves and their work preferences. As students get older, we begin to focus on individual interests and strengths, and then learn about jobs based on those factors. 
Career Development Resources for Students and Parents/Guardians
More information about Pennsylvania's career development standards can be found here:
Explore careers, take interest inventories, and even look for jobs!
Learn more about careers and post-secondary education opportunities: