Band/Chorus (Drop/Add)

As printed on the initial band and chorus sign-up agreement that was turned in to register for band/chorus, students are permitted to drop and/or add band and/or chorus throughout the first nine weeks without penalty. While we encourage students to make these changes early in the school year, we are aware that there are special situations that occur. Students who still wish to drop or add one of these classes during the first nine weeks, must use the following drop/add form, which requires a parent and student signature, as well as a signature from the chorus/band teacher. The form must then be turned in to the office where the changes will officially be made in the computer.
The first form is the one to use if your child is adding band/chorus and has not been previously enrolled in the course. The second form is the one to use if your child is CURRENTLY enrolled, and wishes to drop the class. 
Both forms must be signed and turned in to the office for changes to occur. We encourage all changes to take place during the first quarter of the school year.