Hello and welcome to the Middle School Counseling page!
We hope to post updates and important information here throughout the year!
Tyler SIS/Student 360....
All middle school students were provided with their Tyler login and taught how to access their Tyler accounts. We recommend that all students should be (at the very minimum) checking their grades once per week, preferably on Fridays, after the grades are updated. Students and parents may log in to Tyler at home on any home computer or tablet, on MS library computers, on the MS Chromebooks , as well as they can download the Tyler app onto smartphones and tablets. All students were asked to write their password in their agenda books, and their user name is their lunch code.
Parents: Tyler is not just for the students, you have a parent login as well! If you have lost/misplaced/forgotten your login, please contact Mindy Isles (email: melinda_isles@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us) or extension 3305, or Monica Resek (email: monica_resek@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us) or extension 3302. It is important that students use a student account login and parents use a parent account login due to different information/access.
What you can access on Tyler:
  • Grades
  • Assignments
  • Attendance
  • Announcements
  • Student Information
  • Ability to email teachers
  • Class Schedule (students can check here to see what "Specials" class that they have next nine weeks, and they can also print extra copies of their schedules here!)
Tyler is a great tool for both students and parents! Please encourage your students to check their grades weekly!
Access Tyler by using this link:
Band and Chorus Drop/Add:
As printed on the initial band and chorus sign-up agreement that was turned in to register for band/chorus, students are permitted to drop and/or add band and/or chorus throughout the first nine weeks without penalty. While we encourage students to make these changes early in the school year, we are aware that there are special situations that occur. Students who still wish to drop or add one of these classes during the first nine weeks, must use the following drop/add form, which requires a parent and student signature, as well as a signature from the chorus/band teacher. The form must then be turned in to the office where the changes will officially be made in the computer.
Grading Period End Dates:
Have you ever been curious as to how much time is left in the grading period? These are the currently scheduled Quarter end dates (these do change with snow days):
Quarter 1: ends October 25
Quarter 2: ends January 14 (this is the end of Semester 1)
Quarter 3: ends on March 20
Quarter 4: ends of May 30 (this is the end of Semester 2)