Chapter 16: Gifted Education

The Slippery Rock Area School District is committed to providing opportunities which promote the growth of skills, knowledge and understanding necessary for identified gifted students to reach their potential and fulfill their future roles in our changing and global society. Inherent in that commitment is the recognition of the unique abilities, talents, interests, and needs of intellectually gifted students which require special educational considerations. Educating the gifted student is the shared responsibility of all educators, the student's parents and the student.
Opportunities are provided to enable students to explore identified areas of focus and to develop high levels of thinking through:
  • Enrichment activities designed to increase the depth and/or breadth of the student's learning experiences through differentiated assignments, independent study, alternative learning projects, and higher-level instructional materials
  • Acceleration to enable a student to complete the program in less time or at an earlier age than usual
  • Special groupings which involve placing a student in instructional groups and classes according to significant factors such as ability, interest, achievement, or instructional purpose
  •  Specialized study opportunities which extend the curriculum by providing offerings that appeal to individual student interest and capabilities