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What is Continuity of Education?


Continuity of learning is the continuation of education in the event of a prolonged school closure or student absence. It is a critical component of school emergency management, as it promotes the continuation of teaching and learning despite circumstances that interrupt normal school attendance for one or more students.


The Slippery Rock Area School District understands that this is an entirely new learning environment for our students and teachers, and we plan to be flexible and supportive in our approach to all stakeholders.


Our Distance Learning Plan provides for students to continue learning in developmentally appropriate ways, while being mindful of their health and wellness. The plan includes paper learning packets for students in grades K -4 and online instruction through Edgneuity for students in grades 5 -12.

Please be assured that this plan was created with the understanding that some of our staff and families may face challenges participating in distance learning, and we will all need to work together in the best interest of our students.  


We are being challenged in ways that we did not imagine just a few weeks ago.  Our teachers are professionals who are adjusting, adapting and learning to do whatever is necessary to create meaningful learning experiences for your students. Thank you for your support and patience. Our schools and teachers will be connecting with you as we embark on this learning mission.


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Enrichment Activities


The Elementary and Middle School special teachers have added enrichment activities and lesson to this site for the Elementary and Middle School student.   The enrichment activities are linked by buildingWe encourage reviewing this site often.  

Check out the specific pages for art, music, physical education, family consumer science, tech ed., reading and library activities (All of your special subject courses!)