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Welcome to the Slippery Rock School Counseling Department! On the right, you will find the links to each school building's individual school counseling pages, where you will find information that pertains to each building. On this main website, we hope to provide you with district counseling information that applies across all buildings. 
Are you concerned about your child? 
**COVID-19 Changes: If you do have concerns (below), feel free to contact your child's counselor. Please note that while we are not at school, the procedure for SAP is to go through the CCR Crisis line (listed at the bottom of this posting). That office is being staffed 24 hours a day via phone, and they do have someone in the office for walk-in appointments.**
If you are noticing some things that you are concerned about, please feel free to contact your child's school counselor. The counselor can gather information, meet with your child, etc. and might be able to make some recommendations. One of the recommendations might be to our Student Assistance Program, more commonly known as SAP. Each building has a SAP team, which typically consists of a SAP trained group of people who meet regularly to help students deal with issues that might be barriers to learning. 
If SAP is recommended for your child, a permission form signed by the parent/guardian is required. After that is completed, a representative from the Center for Community Resources (CCR) will come and do a screening with your child, as well as meet with you, provide you with their recommendations, and assist you in accessing those services.
One of the services that SAP might recommend is individual counseling. Families can access mental health services through their private insurance. To best access that, you would take the child's healthcare card, and flip it over. Look for the phone number on the back for mental health services. If you call that number, they can tell you what local agencies are covered by your insurance. You will then need to call the agency you choose and schedule an appointment. If you need some help with this process, our liaison from CCR or your child's school counselor can provide you some guidance along the way. 
In-School Therapy is another option for accessing individual counseling. This is a service that provides therapy with a licensed therapist during the school day by utilizing the student's health insurance (think of each building as a satellite site), and maintains all the confidentiality and billing etc.through the healthcare process. It eliminates the burdens for parents such as transportation and scheduling, etc. 
If you have an immediate concern about your child's safety, CCR has a 24 hour crisis line. They can be reached at 1-800-292-3866 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also call 911
The Center for Community Resources frequently puts out information that would be helpful to parent/guardians/families. We have added a tab to the RIGHT where we will post that information as it comes to us. Please check that tab for updates! 
Currently there is information there on Medication Disposal, Strengthening Families and a flyer on an opportunity entitled, "Our Place." 
Parent Education Nights:
The school counseling department plans to implement Parent Education Nights where topics of interest might be presented for parents/guardians of students. We will post information regarding these events as they are coming up, so please feel free to check here for more information. 
The next night that parents might be interested in would be for High School Scheduling. If you have a child who will be in the 9th-12th grade for the 2020-2012 school year, there is an Informational Scheduling Meeting at SRHS on Monday, March 2 at 6pm in the HS LGI.  
Are you concerned about providing food for your family during this uncertain time?
Below you will find a resource with contact information for local agencies helping with food and other resources during this time. Please don't be afraid to reach out!