Welcome to our school district

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Welcome to Our School District!
The Slippery Rock Area School District students, parents, and staff continue to lead us to great success!  We boast of building level recognition for high test scores, a state teacher of the year for 2017-18, and various team awards won by our students in both athletics and the arts.  The pictures, statements, narratives, lists and various information contained here on our web site tell a story of who we are and where we intend to go.  Please see the “About Us” section in the “Our District” tab above to learn even more about what makes the Slippery Rock Area School District such a great place to live, learn, work, and play.
“Cultivating Knowledge and Encouraging Independence”
Our school district mission statement explains that our goal is to provide our students with the tools necessary to learn to solve problems on their own and become more independent.  As our District’s Shared Values state, our “Supportive family and community” and “Strong work ethic and diversely talented student body” will continue to help us to move successfully forward as a school district.
Feel free to contact us if we can help to answer any questions you may have concerning our school district’s programs.  Thank you for visiting our web site!  If you have any feedback that might be helpful to us, please feel free to contact us. 
Dr. Alfonso Angelucci