Speech Language Support

Mr. Travis Bashline welcoming you to the new school year! At the elementary this year, I will be meeting one-on-one and/or pushing into classrooms to help students.  In the classrooms, we can focus on those same speech goals that are familiar from our group meetings last year.  We will be applying those goals to whatever material is being presented in class.  This will be great because communication occurs in every class/subject each day!
Virtual learners, I have not forgotten about you! I have created Google Classrooms by grade level.  This will help keep our weekly video meetings smaller where the number of speaking turns will remain high.  I would like to conduct these weekly video meetings just as if you were in the speech room at school.  Your speech goals will be a focus of each meeting. While learning remotely, much practice with communication is expected because it is used everyday in your home! 
Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns!
[724] 794-2960 ext. 4231