The following are scholarships that you might be interested in applying.  Please click the link below to apply online or to obtain a hard copy.  Contact Mrs. Beilstein at for your transcript and report card if required. 
     Please check back regularly as the content on this page will change as new opportunities arise.

If so, I'd like to suggest a resource titled "45+ College Scholarships for Minority Students" published by Purdue University Global. This resource shares 45+ financial aid scholarships for future and current students as well as potential graduate students to supplement the cost of education or professional development endeavors. Information on where to find scholarships and grants is supplied. Also highlighted within the resource are opportunities dedicated to specific demographics such as African Americans, Asian Americans, Latino Students, Native Americans, and much more. The featured scholarships are current and are provided by trusted organizations. The resource will constantly be updated to ensure students can apply to the most accurate scholarships available.

I believe this would be an extremely helpful resource for minorities to help fund their education.

Below is the URL to the scholarship opportunities guide, if you'd like to share this with your community:

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Scholars App has continued to look for new, ongoing and upcoming scholarships that could be relevant to your students. For this month, we've created a flyer of scholarships that are currently available for students within your state, and added it to a Google drive.  
As always, we've vetted each of these scholarships to make sure they are not frauds or scams. We've also continued to reach out to more organizations on other scholarships that will possibly be returning later this year. 
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