Welcome to our class!    I have been teaching in the Slippery Rock Area School District for 28 years.  The majority of my time has been spent with enthusiastic 3rd graders.  If I'm not in the classroom, I am outside or spending time with nieces and nephews.  I prefer paddle boarding, golfing and hiking to doing laundry or other inside chores. I am looking forward to the upcoming year and meeting the fresh faces that are soon to be familiar ones! 


Virtual Conference for ALL parents

Unless, we gave you a private meeting. we were instructed to provide this reminder video for parents of students who we did not need to conference with at this point.

3rd Grade Virtual Conference

This video was created for parents we could not see on Conference Day. Hopefully, we will continue to keep the lines of communication open. So far, things have been running somewhat smoothly thanks to your support along the way.