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Tyler SIS Student & Parent Portals


Feature-rich application delivers anytime, anywhere information

Part of the Tyler SIS product suite, Tyler’s Student and Parent Portals are feature rich, Web-based applications designed for easy accessibility. Students, parents, guardians and school staff have access to information such as homework, attendance, bus information, district announcements and more. And this information is always available — anytime and from anywhere.

The Benefit of Tyler SIS Student and Parent Portals

By connecting students and parents, you can empower them with the information needed to help them take responsibility for the student’s education. Parents and guardians are assured that they will know how their children are doing in school any time of the day or night, and can communicate directly with school staff.

While the portal provides valuable information for parents and guardians, it’s also easy to maintain for you. You and your staff determines what information will be available to each student, parent or guardian — either on a per-student basis, or as a mass selection or update. Information "published" by teachers and administrators is instantly viewable and available as soon as it’s uploaded. And to ensure information is delivered in a timely manner, district-posted announcements, messages and alerts can be designed to send by date — based on a calendar-date selection for “start” and “finish” dates.


Tyler SIS Student Portal

During the initial setup process, you can establish each student’s unique user name and password, using either the student number or the student’s email address. And you can be sure students’ security and confidentiality is always maintained because access is determined based on specific, pre-determined criteria.

By using this Web-based application, students can:

  • Request their classes easily and from anywhere, at any time.
  • View individual, cumulative and class standing grades as soon as they are posted.
  • Keep track of class schedules, assignments and rubrics, grades, samples, helpful websites and more.
  • View their attendance, either via a chart or a calendar view.
  • View transportation details.
  • Monitor their graduation plan, including credits taken or those still needed.
  • Customize their screen, with the option to change background color, page size and language.


  Tyler SIS Parent Portal

Each parent or guardian will have a unique user name and password by which to view the portal. Yet, you stay in total control, as you can easily administer the parent view screen, and assign authorization rights for parents and guardians to view their child’s information.

By using this Web-based application, parents and guardians can:

  • View each child’s grades, attendance, transportation, discipline, health, academic history and graduation information over the Web.
  • Student information is displayed in several easy-to-understand views.
  • Submit course requests including alternate course options.
  • Monitor students’ individual, cumulative and class standing grades, which are available as soon as they are posted.
  • Keep track of their student’s assignment descriptions and attached documents any time over the Web.
  • View district and school announcements and system-generated alerts for key events.
  • Easily communicate with school staff via a built-in email system.
  • Establish a personalized address book.
  • Customize their viewing screen, including background color and language preference.


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