Selective Service Registration

U.S. federal law requires all male to register with U.S. SSS within 30 days of their 18th birthday.
Many young men fail to register because they are unaware of the requirement and are then at risk of not receiving important benefits from state and federal governments.

Registration ensures eligibility for federal benefits such as:
• Over $120 billion in federal student aid provided to more than 13 million students each year.
• Job training under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.
• Over 2.1 million civilian jobs in the federal government, including nearly half a million U.S. Postal Service.
• Joining the military.

Not only is registration important for access to federal benefits, it is also essential to our nation's security in
the event of a national crisis. Please note: registration with U.S. SSS does not lead to enlisting in the
armed forces.

Registration is quick and easy to complete with the following available options:
1. Online registration:
2. Downloadable mail-in form:
3. In-person at any U.S. Post Office