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Cultivating Knowledge and Encouraging Independence
· Flexibility of scheduling, traveling, and exploring career options

· Opportunities to be creative, productive, discover, and explore potentials

· Teaches students responsibility, time management, self-discipline, dedication, independence and offers a global perspective


· Q. Can my child take Cyber Service classes and traditional classes? A. Yes, each student schedule will be customized with their guidance counselor

· Q. Can my child attend Slippery Rock Area School daily, but complete their courses virtually? A. Yes, students have the opportunities to have certified teachers facilitate their needs within the school day and at after school tutoring.

· Q. Can my child attend Mission Trips or attend Educational Field Trips? A. Yes, students will be provided the flexibility to complete work before, during or after their trips. Cyber Service gives flexibility but students do have to complete an indicated amount of work for each 9 weeks.

Slippery Rock Area School District is capable of educating students utilizing virtual education

1.Upon completion of all graduation requirements students will graduate with a Slippery Rock Area School District Diploma

2.Curriculum is aligned to the Slippery Rock Area School District Curriculum

3.Students will earn letter grades on both report cards and transcript

4.QPA will not be calculated with virtual education classes, which could impact class rank

5.Students can participate in all Slippery Rock Area School District-sponsored events including Homecoming, Prom, Graduation, Athletics and Activities

6.Physical Education can be completed at a local gym as a Pass/Fail course

7. Health screenings are offered at school

8.Students in grades 7, 8 and 11 must report to school and take PSSA’s/ Keystones Exams

9.Seniors must complete all graduation requirements

Student Access

Anytime student has time; although students must complete pre-determined assignments for each subject during each nine-week grading period

· 24/7

· Teachers are available during school hours.

1.Contact your child’s guidance counselor for the student application or have your child see their guidance counselor.

2. A meeting will be held to discuss your child’s options.

3. A schedule will be created for your child incorporating virtual education.

Slippery Rock Area- 724-794-2960

Senior High Guidance- Ext. 4004 or 4005

Middle School Guidance- Ext. 3303 or 3305

Elementary Guidance- Ext. 5606 or 4003

Online Program= Edgenuity - click the link to find out more information on the online platform:__
PA Bullying Prevention Kit

The Center for Safe Schools and the Highmark Foundation provides resources for parents, educators and professionals serving children, youth and families.


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Cultivating Knowledge and Encouraging Independence
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