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Retired teacher wrote the book on Moraine State Park
As beautiful as Moraine State Park can be today, it has been one messed-up plot of land.

That rolling part of what is now northwest Butler County, just north of Pittsburgh, was, as recently as 20,000 years ago, periodically scraped and flattened and flooded by massive glaciers. As the mile-thick ice melted, it left piles of sand and rocks called eskers and moraines.

After colonial settlers moved in, they cut down the trees and carved up the muddy flat stretch into farms. They mined from the hills much of the glacier-deposited gravel and clay, and also quarried limestone. Next they dug into the ground for deep and strip mines to remove bituminous coal, and then drilled it with wells for oil and gas. By the early 1900s much of the soil was barren, and the streams were polluted with petroleum waste and acid mine drainage. Even the railroad tracks were abandoned...

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Cultivating Knowledge and Encouraging Independence
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