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Adams Amy Teacher Grade 1 [email protected] Details
Adams Meghan Librarian [email protected] Details
Allen Melissa Board Member [email protected] Details
Allison Jean Teacher Special Education [email protected] Details
Anderson Joshua Teacher Drivers Education and PE [email protected] Details
Angelucci Alfonso [email protected] Details
Angerett Gregory Board Member [email protected] Details
Arienzo Stephanie Aide [email protected] Details
Aspinall Terri Aide [email protected] Details
Atkinson Gwendolyn Teacher Grade 1 [email protected] Details
Bachman Cheryl Teacher Grade 2 [email protected] Details
Ballew Emily Teacher Grade 5 [email protected] Details
Basham Herb Principal [email protected] Details
Bashline Travis Teacher Speech [email protected] Details
Beilstein Angela Guidance Secretary [email protected] Details
Bell Tina Aide [email protected] Details
Belowich Brian Teacher Science [email protected] Details
Benjamin Ashley Teacher Science [email protected] Details
Bollinger Corrie Teacher Math [email protected] Details
Bonetti Sylvia Teacher Family and Consumer Science [email protected] Details
Booher Kimberly Librarian [email protected] Details
Book Amy Teacher Grade 2 [email protected] Details
Book Robert Teacher Social Studies [email protected] Details
Boring Lyman Teacher Math [email protected] Details
Breindel Chad Teacher Science [email protected] Details
Brochetti Michelle Principals Secretary [email protected] Details
Buchanan Kimberly Teacher Language Arts [email protected] Details
Bulisco Lori Aide [email protected] Details
Burns Kirby Teacher Science [email protected] Details
Burtch Chris Teacher Social Studies [email protected] Details
Burtner Desiree Teacher Grade 5 [email protected] Details
Bushre Phil Teacher Social Studies [email protected] Details
Busi Danielle Teacher Special Education [email protected] Details
Buzard Anthony Teacher Technology [email protected] Details
Buzard Anthony Teacher Technology [email protected] Details
Campagna Laura Teacher Grade 2 [email protected] Details
Campbell Sara Teacher Science [email protected] Details
Carlin Billie Principal's Secretary [email protected] Details
Cessar Anna Teacher Special Education [email protected] Details
Cessar Melissa Teacher Title I [email protected] Details
Cessar Paul Business Manager [email protected] Details
Cessar Sarah Teacher Science [email protected] Details
Christy Elijah Teacher Social Studies [email protected] Details
Conglose Brandi Teacher Special Education [email protected] Details
Conti Ursula Aide [email protected] Details
Coyne Tara Teacher Grade 1 [email protected] Details
Crawford Rebecca Teacher Math [email protected] Details
Cross Cindy [email protected] Details
Culmer Jane Teacher Grade 3 [email protected] Details
Czubiak Kristen Assistant Principal [email protected] Details
Dalcamo Allison Teacher English [email protected] Details
Daugherty Michele Teacher Social Studies [email protected] Details
Davis Kristen Teacher Grade 2 [email protected] Details
DeJulia Lou Teacher PE [email protected] Details
DeMarco Amy Teacher Grade 3 [email protected] Details
Denholm Kathryn Teacher K [email protected] Details
Donatelli Emily Teacher Music [email protected] Details
Doty Abram [email protected] Details
Double Diane Board Member [email protected] Details
Downing Brandy Teacher Special Education [email protected] Details
Drake Elizabeth [email protected] Details
Drennen Kelsey Teacher Grade 3 [email protected] Details
Dublin Stephanie Teacher Math [email protected] Details
Duffy Lori Aide [email protected] Details
Durban Beth Aide [email protected] Details
Dye Carly Aide [email protected] Details
Edwards Aaron Teacher Math [email protected] Details
Elford Brandy Teacher Art [email protected] Details
Elford Tod Teacher Science [email protected] Details
Elliott Maria Teacher Literature [email protected] Details
Fair Bethany Teacher Grade 4 [email protected] Details
Farone Karlee Teacher Consumer Science [email protected] Details
Fine Les Teacher Music [email protected] Details
Fine Les Teacher Music [email protected] Details
Foster Traci Principals Secretary [email protected] Details
Fritsche Scott Teacher English [email protected] Details
Gallagher Kelly Guidance Counselor [email protected] Details
Geibel Amy Teacher Math [email protected] Details
Glackin Amy Guidance Counselor [email protected] Details
Glenn Donna Teacher ESL [email protected] Details
Glenn Donna Teacher ESL [email protected] Details
Glenn Donna Teacher ESL [email protected] Details
Goeller Kelly Aide [email protected] Details
Graham Katelyn Teacher Special Education [email protected] Details
Green Laura [email protected] Details
Groves-Edwards Heather Teacher Choral Music [email protected] Details
Hake Cory Principal [email protected] Details
Harper Brett [email protected] Details
Hartle Kristen Aide [email protected] Details
Hartman Ashley Teacher Science [email protected] Details
Hazi Hannah Teacher Spanish [email protected] Details
Heyl Lisa Teacher Grade 2 [email protected] Details
Hilliard Michael Teacher Language Arts [email protected] Details
Hines April Teacher Grade 4 [email protected] Details
Hnath Michael Board Member [email protected] Details
Hopkins Kyle Teacher PE [email protected] Details
Houpt Denise [email protected] Details
Huber Renee Teacher Science [email protected] Details
Huth Beth Teacher English [email protected] Details
Isles Melinda Guidance Counselor [email protected] Details
Jeffcoat Amy Teacher Grade 5 amy_jeffcoat@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Jefferis Jacob Principal jacob_jefferis@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Johnson Alexis Teacher Math alexis_johnson@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Johnston Cynthia Teacher PE cynthia_johnston@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Kardambikis Patricia p_kardambikis@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Karwoski Stephanie Guidance Counselor stephanie_karwoski@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Kelly Amy Teacher Special Education amy_kelly@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Kelly Lucinda Aide lucinda_kelly@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Kelly Meghan Teacher Special Education meghan_kelly@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Killmeyer Nicole Teacher Special Education nicole_killmeyer@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Kingerski Patty Aide patty_kingerski@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Kizak Zack Teacher Special Education zack_kizak@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Kleinert Kellie Teacher Special Education kellie_kleinert@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Kovac George Teacher Social Studies george_kovac@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Kramer Megan Teacher German megan_kramer@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Kuntz Michelle Teacher Special Education michelle_kuntz@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Langett Laura Aide laura_langett@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Lauster Angela Aide angela_lauster@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
LeFebvre Kendra Teacher Special Education kendra_lefebvre@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Ligo Kurt Teacher Grade 3 kurt_ligo@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Lindey Christa Aide christa_lindey@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Lindey Trudy Aide trudy_lindey@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Lombardo Lynn Teacher PE lynn_lombardo@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Lombardo Ryan Teacher Social Studies ryan_lombardo@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Lucas Leah Building Secretary leah_lucas@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Mabold John Teacher French john_mabold@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Magnotto Timothy Teacher Special Education timothy_magnotto@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Mahood Leslie leslie_mahood@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Malenky Kristin Teacher Grade 3 kristin_malenky@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Maraffi Wendy Aide wendy_maraffi@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Marini Noelle Attendance Clerk noelle_marini@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Martin Jenessa Teacher Math jenessa_martin@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Mastrean Angela Teacher Social Studies angela_mastrean@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Matonak Dirk Teacher Business dirk_matonak@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
McCandless Brooke Aide brooke_mccandless@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
McGuire Patricia Aide patricia_mcguire@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
McIltrot Christina Librarian christina_mciltrot@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
McIltrot Christina Librarian christina_mciltrot@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Mengel Timothy Teacher Social Studies timothy_mengel@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Miller Garrett Teacher Social Studies garrett_miller@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Miller Katherine Teacher Special Education katherine_miller@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Mitcheltree Valerie Teacher Grade 1 valerie_mitcheltree@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Mooney Christine Teacher PE christine_mooney@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Mruk David Teacher Music david_mruk@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Namachar Emily Teacher Special Education emily_namachar@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Neupauer Sheila Teacher K sheila_neupauer@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Novak Kristine Teacher Language Arts kristine_novak@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Offie Allison Nurse allison_offie@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Opp Marg Aide marg_opp@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Osborne John Athletic Director john_osborne@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Palace Joelene Teacher Grade 2 joelene_palace@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Papley Mara Teacher Grade 2 mara_papley@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Parish Troy Teacher Art troy_parish@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Parker Jessica Teacher Grade 3 jessica_parker@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Paxton Jacquilyn Teacher Special Education jacquilyn_paxton@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Pearce Theresa Board Member Theresa_Pearce@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Persinger Amber Teacher Grade 1 amber_persinger@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Preston Sarah Teacher Title I sarah_preston@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Puntureri Ann Teacher K ann_puntureri@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Putorti Barbara Teacher Grade 4 barbara_putorti@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Pyle Matthew Board Member matt_pyle@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Raisley Pamela Athletic Activities Secretary pamela@raisley@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Raithel Eric Teacher Tech Ed eric_raithel@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Reamer Rachelle Teacher Grade 4 rachelle_reamer@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Reiber Kaye Teacher K kaye_reiber@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Resek Monica Building and Guidance Secretary monica_resek@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Rhoads Melinda Aide melinda_rhoads@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Richeson Beth Teacher Science beth_richeson@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Roczko Melanie Transition Coordinator melanie_roczko@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Rodgers Mylissa Teacher Language Arts mylissa_rodgers@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Rosatelli Chad Teacher PE chad_rosatelli@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Roxbury Christine Teacher K christine_roxbury@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Rubaker Kara Nurse kara_rubaker@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Ruby Donna Teacher Science donna_ruby@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Rylands Jamie Teacher Grade 4 jamie_rylands@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Sarver Connie Teacher Grade 3 connie_sarver@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Sarver Travis Teacher PE travis_sarver@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Schoeffel Cheryl Teacher Special Education cheryl_schoeffel@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Schroeffel Jessica Teacher Science jessica_schroeffel@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Schulz Darren Teacher Language Arts darren_schulz@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Scott Heather Board Member heather_scott@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Shaffer Andrea Teacher English andrea_shaffer@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Shea Jennifer Teacher Grade 3 jennifer_shea@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Shields Kevin Teacher Music kevin_shields@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Shulsky Kristie Principal kristie_shulsky@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Shuty Katie Teacher Art katie_shuty@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Shuty Katie Teacher Art katie_shuty@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Simmons Lisa Teacher K lisa_simmons@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Skibinski Denise Teacher Grade 1 denise_skibinski@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Skodak Barry Teacher Grade 5 barry_skodak@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Smiley Deb Teacher Speech and Language deb_smiley@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Snyder Diane diane_snyder@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Snyder Jean Building Secretary jean_snyder@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Snyder Judy Teacher English judith_snyder@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Solt Danielle Teacher Special Education danielle_solt@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Spangler Charles Teacher Industrial Technology charles_spangler@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Springirth Robin Teacher English robin_springirth@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Spurk Karen Aide karen_spurk@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Stabryla Dawn Aide dawn_stabryla@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Stewart Lori Nurse Aide lori_stewart@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Stewart Lori Health Room Aide lori_stewart@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Stonebraker Joshua Teacher Grade 5 joshua_stonebraker@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Stutz Rosemary Teacher K rosemary_stutz@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Suesser Rebecca Teacher Grade 4 rebecca_suesser@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Takac Carisa Guidance Counselor carisa_takac@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Takach Jill Teacher Grade 3 jill_takach@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Taylor Mark Board President mark_taylor@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Thrower Jade Guidance Counselor jade_thrower@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Timko Joan Nurse joan_timko@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Timko Joan Nurse joan_timko@slipperyprock.k12.pa.us Details
Vinroe Michelle Teacher Gifted michelle_vinroe@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Vinroe Michelle Teacher Gifted michelle_vinroe@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Vinroe Michelle Teacher Gifted Support michelle_vinroe@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Volk Nancy Teacher Grade 1 nancy_volk@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Wallace Mandy Teacher Grade 4 mandy_wallace@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Webb Deb Aide debra_webb@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Weitzel Nancy Aide nancy_weitzel@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Whallin Cindy Principals Secretary cindy_whallin@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Whitman Sara Board Member sara_whitman@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Whitmer Merle Teacher Math merle_whitmer@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Willison Robert Teacher Math robert_willison@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Wimer Amanda Aide amanda_wimer@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Wolak Diana Board Vice President diana_wolak@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Zavidny Amanda Teacher Grade 5 amanda_zavidny@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
Zellem Paul Teacher Math paul_zellem@slipperyrock.k12.pa.us Details
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